Virtual DJ

"A easy to use music mixing program that uses your MP3s"

Virtual DJ is a nice, easy to use music mixing software. At first, virtual DJ can seem a bit intimidating but after a couple minutes you'll get the hang of it. Virtual DJ offers many features such as recording your mixes and burning it to a CD or broadcast it to others. Overall the UI of Virtual DJ is easy to use and looks great.Virtual DJ is easy for people to just jump into and it has enough features for experienced users to make some serious mixes. Although Virtual DJ has a nice user interface I wish that it was slightly more polished in some areas like if it were to display cover art when browsing through songs. Compared to other DJ software virtual DJ isn't bad but there are better softwares with more features.But these are only minor gripes compared to many of the positives to the software. I would recommend Virtual DJ to anyone interested in music.

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